Be Thoroughly Prepared For

Both Life and Death

How to Be Prepared for Possible Future Scenarios

We never know what could possibly happen to us at any moment. This site serves as a simple consolidated place to store all kinds of information and personal wishes in relation to urgent situations that might arise. This will benefit not just yourself, but those around you. We help to walk you through the process of what to have ready in case of all sorts of instances, including car accident, amnesia, heart attack, stroke, etc…. as well as what you’d like to have planned in the unfortunate event of your death. What would you want others to do or to know? What can you do ahead of time to ease the burden on your loved ones?
The more prepared you are for emergencies ahead of time, the less panic and stress you’ll experience when something arises.


$9.99 /year

Save your instructions regarding extreme measures, identification, & pertinent medical information
Enter contact info for who would need to know of your crisis
Designate someone to make decisions for you
End-of-Life Planning
Specify funeral, burial, donation preferences
Store legal documents
Upload Life Insurance info
Leave letters for your loved ones
Last words, photos, legacy post, song, etc
Access to our bonus checklists for preparing for day-to-day minor emergencies

One-time Cost for Wallet Cards

$4.99 one time
Premium Cards for: Yourself, Trusted Contacts, and Medical Staff
These cards contain login access to only the information they need to see.
Only you can edit/view everything in your account.


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